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Are you looking for some friendly company to help you through the hell that we find ourselves in after the 2016 election? Dan Sinker and Maureen Johnson—one journalist and one author—try to figure out what the hell is going on. Maybe, together, they can figure it out (spoiler alert: probably not)! Why not grab your coffee (or something stronger) and pull up a chair?

SAYS WHO: it's not a podcast—it's a coping strategy.

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    Ep. 72: PRIME TIME, CRIME TIME with Lisa Tozzi

    It's so late, Sayswhovia. It's nearly...ten o'clock! But Dan and Maureen have stood sentinel by the television and waited. And watched. And they saw the speech. All ten stupid minutes of it. How could A MERE TEN MINUTES be that dumb? It was like the TARDIS OF STUPID. Did you know that a wall could pay for a wall? DID YOU KNOW IT?

    But that's not all the stupid today held! Paul Manafort's lawyers made an oopsie. And some Russians sold a painting. So many marvels! Dan and Maureen examined them all and return to you with their report.

    Also, did you remember that the government is still shut down? Neither did we and neither did our guest, the amazing Lisa Tozzi from BuzzFeed who calls in to explain how we got here and how maybe we will never ever get out. But upbeat. Really!

    Mostly, though, Maureen wants to go to bed, but Dan has been possessed by a demon. Get a pillow and priest, Sayswhovia! It's showtime!

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    Ep. 71: HERE WE GO!

    Should old acquaintance be forgot and never talk to mimes... It's something something something some thing some thing it's Says Who Time!

    Dan and Maureen are back after the holiday. They had a good time, unlike SOME PEOPLE. Since the last Says Who, most things have been quiet, except for major resignations, the government shutting down, and the stock market crashing. Donald Trump had the holiday sads at the White House, where he rattled around, waiting for three ghosts to show up. But no one wants to work there, not even a ghost. So he did a lot of tweeting about...walls. And wheels. And walls. And concrete. And not concrete. And he pretended to work and have meeting and be busy. You know. Normal stuff.

    The first of the year is a time to look backwards and forwards, and maybe even side to side. Dan and Maureen have a good old talk about 2019, and how they're going to approach it. And they have come up with a new slogan for the year--the successor to To the Maxx!

    Here comes the Says Who bus! Get on board and take a seat! We're going to 2019!

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    Ho ho ho! HAPPY HOLIDAYS, SAYSWHOVIA! Let's all gather around the fire with a cup of hot chocolate and talk about the wonders of this last week. Or just Tuesday. Tuesday was a lot. There was the official Michael Flynn ass-handing ceremony, and the lighting of the Trump Foundation bonfire. But does Santa have other surprises in his sack?

    Dan has compiled a list of the current wonders that are going on with all things Trump. It has not been a good year for Fearless Leader, and things are coming to a boil. Also, it seems that the President does not like Christmas. Someone needs cheering up! Maureen has an idea! Maureen often has ideas.

    This Says Who is filled with warm memories, wishes, Santa, carols, and Pockets the Clown. Yes. Pockets the Clown. Don't ask too many questions. Pockets does not like questions.

    Pull up a tree. It's Says Who time.

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    The game is afoot! The dice are cast! The candles are in the wind! Other detective-y things!

    Look, there's a lot of questions right now. Like: What is Mueller up to? Is there anyone in the Trump family not deeply dedicated to criming? Who can lie more, Michael Cohen or Paul Manafort? What's a convenient way to get a single potato mailed to my house?

    You have questions? WELL WE HAVE ANSWERS.

    This week on Says Who, Maureen and Dan pull in an ACTUAL MYSTERY EXPERT to help us crack this case wide open. That's right, we're joined by Sarah Weinman who is ACTUALLY KNOWN AS "THE CRIME LADY" to help us look at our suspects, consider the motives, and SOLVE THIS SO COMPLETELY THAT YOU WILL BE LIKE MUELLER WHO?

    Or something.


    I mean, we're not making any promises.

    But like the great Hercule Poirot said: One must seek the truth within--not without

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    Well, shucks! We've crossed the Rubicon from Thanksgiving into the holiday period. Did everyone have a good Thanksgiving? The President did! He had a totally normal time with checks notes a salad bar and "barbed wire plus."

    Dan and Maureen have scoured the news this week, looking for clues in the perpetual case of What The Hell Is Happening Now. And it seems like something? May? Be? Happening? It is hard to say. But it looks like Paula Manafort might have been doing some lying? You are shocked, we know. "Not MY Paul Manafort," you said, aghast.

    To bring clarity and light, Dan and Maureen talk to Charlotte Clymer, Press Secretary for Rapid Response at the Human Rights Campaign and general wonder. Charlotte is also a veteran, and she has a lot to say about Trump's relationship with the military. She also talks about how to be an ally to your trans friends, and how to celebrate your authentic self.

    As opposed to your lying self who lies. So many lies, SaysWhovia. So many lies are happening.

    Grab a mug of hot chocolate and something from the salad bar. It's time to break it all down.

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    Good gravy! It's Thanksgiving again! Time to sit with the family and pass the turkey and stuffing. And the pie! Oh, the pie. Cousin Chad would like pie! Cousin Chad is wearing a MAGA hat and is trying to own the libs. NO PIE FOR CHAD.

    Come to SaysWhovia instead and sit at our table. Come. Have some gravy. Relax. And we have a special guest at the table today! It's Kat Kinsman, who has come to talk about food! And anxiety! And food! FOOD.

    Dan and Maureen have, of course, been paying attention to the news this week. Their predictions from last week did not come to pass, but still...Trump has written answers to Mueller's questions. Did he really write them himself do you think? Can he write at all?

    Also, Maureen tells Dan how to meet Santa.

    Get a plate, SaysWhovia! Have a nice, hot helping of 2018.

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    Ep. 65: HOPE OR GAS? with IMANI GANDY

    Hey, did you bring a surfboard? Because we're still on a BLUE WAVE.

    When Dan and Maureen recorded last week, it was right on the high of the election of the night before. No sooner had they left the basement/closet, then all heck broke loose. Trump did a weird, weird press event and then stormed into the depths of the castle to boot Jeff Sessions from the parapet. And while we all enjoy the sight of a flying Jeff Sessions, we also had to wonder: WITHER MUELLER? And what do these rolling election results mean?

    Obviously, Dan and Maureen don't know anything. Time for an expert! Today's guest, Imani Gandy, is a lawyer and co-host of the podcast Boom! Lawyered! and she is HOPEFUL! Or gassy. We are not sure anymore. We think it is hope but it has been a while. Her conversation is like a REFRESHING SWIM IN A LOVELY SEA. The kind of place you'd find a BLUE WAVE. Tune in for some liquid sunshine, legal style!

    Surf's up, SaysWhovia.

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    It's morning in SaysWhovia. Grab yourself a cup of coffee and sit down, because Dan and Maureen are going to go through the events of last night--and this morning. Dan hasn't slept much. Maureen made double-strength coffee. It's time for some HOT news, still unfolding. Let's go through it together.

    What IS this feeling? Is it HOPE? Is it EVERYTHING NOT SUCKING?

    It's group hug time.

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    Ep. 63: SAYS BOO with HAL LUBLIN

    oooooOoOOOOooOoOOOoOOOOoohhhh it's ONE WEEK until the midterm elections and everything is fine. Absolutely fine. Except for everything that is not fine, which, apparently, is most things.

    It was not a good week out there. Things are rough. Which is why we need to keep it together, make a plan, and get the job done next week.

    In SaysWhovia, Dan has lost track of when and where he is, so Maureen decides to take him on a trip to Disney World. And she's invited their friend Hal Lublin along! The only problem is... it's Halloween. Disney World is being invaded by ZOMBIES. How will the three of them survive the zombie attack in the Happiest Place on Earth?

    Join us on this GHOULISH adventure. And vote. You know that, right? You have to vote. And volunteer.

    And we said vote, right?

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